No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Flowerful windows


flowerfulwindow_1With windows like these who needs garden or balcony? Read the rest of this entry »


Travelling (with) plants

travelling plants (1)

I might call myself an expert when it comes to moving plants around by train. Potted plants are best carried in their pots and paper bags; for cut flowers and plants a travel mug is ideal. Here the lid can be removed and there is a small opening for the stems.

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In full bloom

in full bloom (1)My plants are still suffering from the construction works and currently in particular from lots of rain water pouring off the roof due to lacking drainpipes. So they are dirty, small and not exactly presentable. Plant beauty is to be found elsewhere – like with this blooming bush for example. Click for another picture.

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Blooming chives, inside

chives_flowers_vaseThe blooming chives are still the biggest excitement on my empty balcony, which got hit by falling pieces of roof tiles lately (in other words: the construction works still continue). So I tend to enjoy plants inside the apartment a little more this spring – and I decided to cut the chives for this little arrangement.

Chives flower

chives_flower opening_1105Despite the scaffolding around the house, I decided to leave some plants outside on the balcony, as long as nobody starts painting the facade. And it seems that for the chives this was reason enough to start blooming for the first time ever. Here is one of the flowers just about to open up.



The sky is blue, but we got a scaffolding around our house for some roof work lasting at least two months. I had to empty my balcony and exile my plants either on befriended balconies or inside the apartment. Some plants of the second group are out on the scaffolding now for the work-free weekend. I am actually quite worried about the situation, in particular since this is the beginning of planting season, but, obviously, as a tenant, there is nothing I can do.

Despite this unideal situation I will try to both keep growing edible plants at home and keep writing about the process, but it might be a little less than usual. Fingers crossed that the building work goes without delay at least.


tulips_318 (2)The season’s first bouquet of tulips is on the kitchen table and the whole room feels different.  Read the rest of this entry »

Snow, dropping

frost_3frost_1frost_2snowdropsThis past week, it was freezing day and night, literally. Still, it is no news that there is beauty in everything and the frost was no exception.


Snowy interlude

green inside_white outsideA couple of grey, cold and snowy days have slowed the growing process considerably. I just wonder what these little chili pepper plants think when they see the snow piling up outside the window.

If you can’t wait…don’t!

chilis_2601 (2)

Like I said, it’s hard enough to wait for spring, especially when winter days seem extra long and dark. Well, it turns out that I am not alone. These little chili pepper plants came out a few days after seeding, clearly a sign that they hope for an early spring like me. And they were even granted some rays of winter sun today. Read the rest of this entry »

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