No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter and a hopefully sunny weekend to all with a focus on plants – and eggs, of course!


Green again

img_3099.jpgThe lavender is green again, although it hasn’t shaken off its winter dress entirely yet. I helped by cleaning up the balcony pots and cutting of dry parts these days, but nature has to do the rest.

Grown from discarded seeds two years ago and apparently well adapted to my balcony’s climate, I am hoping for lots of lavender flowers this summer.

New additions

new additions

The balcony started greening and so did my window sill greenhouse. New this year are these recently germinated dragon fruit (on the left) and physalis (on the right). I just hope they will make it through the next days and weeks.

It’s interesting that although the dragon fruit is technically a cactus (and thus leave-less), it germinates with little leaves. Yet, already at this point it is a lot more succulent than the physalis.

By the way, I used seeds from fruit that I ate myself and did not buy them especially. So far that seems to work, but I will keep you posted.

Spring breakthrough

spring breakthroughSpring is finally here – officially according to the calendar and weather-wise with regular sunshine. The plants are reacting in their own way and I am simply glad that the cold and rainy days are gone.

Nature (presque) morte

nature presque morteWe had hoped that this year’s first tulips would last until the end of the weekend – and they did (sort of, I guess). Since they brought so much cheer to our kitchen, I am pretty sure this wasn’t the last bouquet either.

Early signs of spring

early signs_2

It’s too early to already talk about spring, but first signs are there that it will come eventually. Read the rest of this entry »

Oh, those Italian summer days

italiansummers_1The gray, cold and snowy weather called for a throwback to Italian summers. Oh, this light and those vegetables. Read the rest of this entry »

New year, new snow

new year_new snowAs so often, we had rainy days of Christmas, but snow on the first days of this new year 2019! This time, the snow lies thick on the balcony plants and as always it makes me wonder whether they will get through winter healthy and strong.

Then again, the white blanket offered by the snow is like a new white page open to write upon – and what better metaphor could there be for the new year, even if the color that this blog cherishes the most is green. So here is to new beginnings, new planting plans and to an overall a green year 2019!

Advent wreath making


wreathmaking_2At the beginning of Advent, I took some time and some greens (fir and holly) to decorate our apartment. This wreath is up on our door now.

Time to wrap it up, folks!

wrap-it-up_2.jpgWe had the first night frost of the season and – not too soon – I packed my Mediterranean plants in bubble wrap. Like last winter I want to leave them outside as long as possible, but this extra protection is definitely needed.

Also when I looked at this photo on my computer, I was struck by how chilly it looks with the blueish-grey colors (no filter there).

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