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Month: August, 2014




The first chili pepper is turning red. In fact, they grow bigger wearing their purple dress, then put on green colors again before ripening into a bright red in the end.


The onion, seed harvest

seedy oniononion seeds_2onion seeds_3onion seeds_1

The onion flower has gone from bloom and pollination to seeds. I have already harvested and sowed some seeds so that if I am lucky I will get offset bulbs this autumn.

Chili summer days


It’s a chili pepper kind of summer. Although this plant has always been busy providing me with chili peppers for several seasons, this year it is simply overproductive. But then again the past weeks and months were particularly warm and sunny here. A downright chili climate.

Sunlight hours

sunlight (2)

sunlight (1)

No matter whether you are cultivating a field, a garden or a balcony, your gardening activities are subject to changing seasons. When your balcony is located on the second floor in a narrow street lined with five-story houses, sunlight hours define the course of the year. While there are some days in winter during which the sun never rises high enough to climb over the neighboring house’s roof, you learn to appreciate rays of sunlight crawling over your breakfast table in summer. Now in August, the sunlight hours already get perceptibly shorter. It was twenty past nine this morning when the sun sat on the roof top, just to hide behind the chimney again few minutes after.

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