No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Month: October, 2014

Happy Halloween!

pumpkin_2014 (1) pumpkin_2014 (3) pumpkin_2014 (4) pumpkin_2014 (5)

I haven’t ventured to grow pumpkins on my balcony yet, but that might be a plan for next year. This year, I’ve been enjoying pumpkin season in New England – and taken some pictures.



Overcoming boundaries


Balcony gardening, obviously,  has its limitations. But the limited room wants to be filled and its boundaries tested and overcome. Growing potatoes on the smallest balcony seems to be the right way to do this. Not because it is particularly difficult to grow potatoes in pots (clearly it is all too easy), but because when I think of potatoes I think of large fields with big chunks of soil as their natural habitat. Those three guys on the picture, however, grew in a pot of roughly 15 cm in diamter – and seemed to be perfectly happy with it.

Balcony gatherings: chili peppers


The chili plant has been featured regularly on this blog as it went from flowers to fruit. Now I have gathered the first bunch of chili peppers and can only marvel at their shiny red skin. No filter, by the way, as always.

Balcony gatherings: lettuce and pepper


It’s harvest time on the balcony: These lettuce leaves and the pepper complemented my salad today. I was especially surprised by how sweet the pepper tasted even though it was not entirely red yet.

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