No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Month: December, 2014

2014, 20…


The balcony is covered in snow for the turn of the year, making it as blank and undescribed as 2015 is as yet. All the more, I am looking forward to the green leaves and stories that will sprout from it in the coming season. Happy new year to all!


Hylotelephium and hydrangea


Throwing you back this Thursday to a time when flowers and sunshine were abundant. A little more than one week to go and days start to get longer again (at least here in the Northern hemisphere)…

Preserving summer


preservingIf only I had stored some of last summer’s sunshine and warmth in a box! I would release them now into the cold grayness that creeps through the doors and windows. Unfortunately, there is no such box in my larder, but the chili peppers make up for some of it. One of them is spicy enough to flavor an entire pasta sauce and as all spices do, they warm you from the inside. To dry (and later store) the chili peppers, I have wound some up and from the different shades you can see which ones were picked in September and which are autumn’s late bloomers.



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