No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Month: March, 2015

One day later…

heirloom tomatoes_standing up

…the little tomato is standing up already.


First sign: heirloom tomatoes

heirloom tomatoes_first sign

Two weeks after sowing the heirloom tomato seeds, the first plant makes its appearance. I just hope it won’t be alone for long (although I perfectly understand that the cold and rainy weather outside is not exactly inviting).

Nice to see you again, Mentha!


Every year anew, I am amazed by how the first days of spring sunshine and warmth change everything: my mood, certainly, but also the way the balcony looks. It’s the mentha you already know from last year making its fresh green appearance here.

Here we go again!

heirloom tomatoes_start

I had planned to start sowing seeds indoors at least since I have written about it here and today I finally found the time for it! I got the tiny pot and the transparent box (originally a box of chocolates) out of the basement, put in some soil and, most importantly, some seeds – seeds gathered from heirloom tomatoes last fall. I hope it will work out, even though tomatoes need quite a lot of water which is why it is not so easy to keep them in small pots on the balcony. But since the seeds are from cherry tomatoes, I will give it a try.

Late winter sun

shadows_winterThe sun is back sending its rays onto the balcony and into the apartment where it paints these lovely leave-shaped shadows on the wall. So far, it is still too cold to actually grow something outside, but it is about time to start sowing seeds indoors.

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