No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Month: April, 2015

Enjoy the little things!


Clearly, raising plants on a small balcony is about cherishing tiny steps and small results and I think this blog is somewhat proof of it. So what could describe my attitude to gardening better than this message I got in my fortune cookie today?


Separating the tomatoes

heirloom tomatoes_1704

Just to keep you informed, I have finally separated the tomato plants. There are actually four of them, but I had only two identical pots left, so I snapped these twins. Now it’s time for them to get used to the world outside their plastic glasshouse and then (soon, soon) to the balcony.

Spring, definitely.


We are now living those days where the plant world around changes from winter to spring, where branches that were leafless yesterday, are light green today. If anything can demonstrate the power of sunlight, this can. On the balcony, too, everything is developing really fast right now and the chili pepper with its many fresh green leaves (in a rather different shape than last year) is but one possible illustration.

Happy Easter!


Wishing you happy Easter (with what is clearly a non-balcony picture)!

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