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Month: June, 2015

First times: first tomato flower

tomatoe_first flower_15

The tomato finally started to blossom as well: Here is the first of this year’s tomato flowers. According to the weather forecast, we are expecting hot and sunny days and I really hope the tomato will make use of them and at the same time stay as strong and green as it is right now.


First times: first pepper

pepper_first pepper_15

And then, once the first step is made, things are going really quickly. Here is the first pepper developing.

Acorn squash, the experiment

acorn squash_1506_1

This is probably going to be the biggest balcony gardening experiment I have undertaken so far: growing squash! I have raised two acorn squash vines on an indoor window sill where they even produced their first blossoms. After slowly inuring them to outside weather, they moved onto the balcony yesterday. To be fair, I have to admit that my expectations to end up with actual squashes are rather low, but then again I think there really is nothing to lose. And the blossoms are delicious, too…

First pepper flower of the season

pepper_first flower_15

The pepper plant, which you might remember from last year, is now sporting its first flower of the season – and so many more buds that have yet to blossom.



Amazed by all the flowers in my mother’s garden and so glad I can spend the long and sunny weekend there.

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