The onions, one year round

by balconydresser


So here we are at the end of a gardening year, which had started with a sprouting onion that was then planted into a pot on the balcony, where it kept growing and produced a pretty flower, which attracted pollinators and turned from blossom to seeds. Those seeds were sowed again, sprouted leaves that first looked like chives and later like spring onions. They overwintered outside and picked up pace again when the sun came out in spring. From then it was only a couple of weeks until they had reached their final size and started withering. After their leaves had turned two-thirds limp and the outer scales of the bulb had gotten dry, I pulled out the onions so that the roots were no longer connected with the soil and let the leaves dry out fully.geflochten (1)

Plaiting and hanging them for storage was just the final step before they will be chopped and fried for dinner.