Eating my balcony

by balconydresser


Clearly, my French balcony is way too small to nourish me even for one single day. But it is big enough to spice up my dishes from time to time. What I mean to say is that when I grow potatoes, tomatoes or peppers on the balcony, this happens rather to prove that it is possible at all and for the pleasure of seeing the fruits develop. The balcony is really useful, by contrast, when I raise herbs or spices. Even in smaller pots, it is possible to grow enough, say, chives, rosemary or thyme to give flavor to my summer dishes. Also mint is really rewarding – it grows fast, it is undemanding and it can be overwintered outside. And then there are chili peppers. Depending on its age, one plant usually gives you between 5 and 15 small peppers, which is enough to spice up quite a few pasta sauces during winter. So from my experience I would say that if you want to impress yourself (and your neighbors), grow vegetables; if you want to make use of your balcony for freshness and flavor, do turn to herbs and spices. (Served above btw: winter savory).