No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Month: September, 2015



It’s officially fall, I am sipping my first PSL of the season and although the ripening process on the balcony still continues, the time when everything was greening, sprouting and in full bloom is definitely over. So to sum-up summer, here are some more photos from the past few months that I have not shared before.


On the downside…

Minze von unten

If by growing through the bottom of its pot this mentha wants to tell me that it needs more space, it does so convincingly. Read the rest of this entry »

Stunning peppers


Sometimes I think that compared to other members of my family, my thumb is only light green. Pictured above are peppers ripening on my brother’s balcony and I can only marvel at how many fruits this one plant yields. What I can give as an excuse nonetheless is that he has got an actual balcony (and not a French one), that his balcony is facing south (as opposed to the eastern exposure over here) and that the plants on his balcony are shielded from the wind (while mine stand straight in the prevailing wind direction). Be it as it may, those peppers are so great that I had to take this photo – and I took it with my phone, so please excuse the blurry background.

Alpine flowers





Yesterday, we went hiking in the Austrian Alps and there were still some small flowers blooming along our path. Among them was the edelweiss, which you don’t see very often anymore. Although this is a cheesy metaphor, I had to think that if those flowers manage to bloom in their rocky and somewhat austere habitat, I can also make an effort and bring some green into the concrete desert of the city.

Plants are to enjoy!


As fall approaches with rapid strides, it is impossible to ignore that this year’s gardening season is almost over. The change always takes place so quickly that I want to write a note reminding myself to enjoy every season and all the little steps that eventually lead to flowers and fruit. But then of course the reminder is in every flower, every new leaf and every sunray already. Read the rest of this entry »

Seasonal gatherings

seasonal gatherings

Just a few small gatherings from the balcony that are ripe for today’s salad (except the chili pepper, which will go straight into a pasta sauce). Isn’t harvest season the most beautiful time of the year?

Employee of the month: the squash

squash_process_1 squash_process_2squash_process_3squash_process_4

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably know that I had not expected the squash to really yield fruit. I was hoping for it, but was not fully convinced. As you can imagine I was therefore thrilled when I saw the female flower on the vine, soon developing into something that now ressembles a squash. A tiny one, but still. Also the speed with which it develops so far is amazing. I tried to document this development above. First photo taken one week ago on August, 25th, the last one is a shot from today.

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