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Month: October, 2015

🎃 or: growing (a mini) squash on a (tiny) balcony


I’ve already said that I was super excited about growing squash on my French balcony – and highly doubtful about the results. So, here they are: one mini squash, not much bigger than my palm. But then again the whole process worked out at all, which is something that neither myself nor my environment had really believed in.

In case you want to try this on your own, here’s the how-to: Read the rest of this entry »


Because it’s the season

Arnold Arboretum_fall

As the promised sunshine only lasted for one day and consequentely there is not much going on on the balcony lately, I’ve been flipping through my fall foliage photo collection. The one above was taken in the Arnold Arboretum in Boston which is absolutely recommended for plant lovers.

Autumnal thoughts


I came to think that what is so likeable about autumn is that this season makes it so easy to find beauty and value in the ordinary things that we usually take for granted: in the amount and variety of fresh produce, in nature’s color palette or in the protection that comes from having a roof over one’s head (and the coziness coming from candles, mugs and woolen socks under that roof). As if this wasn’t enough, autumn’s accessories are great for decoration as well.

Meanwhile, the onions


There is not much going on on the balcony these days as the past few weeks have been rather cold and rainy. Since we had at least no frost, I could leave all the plants outside, where they will hopefully benefit from a streak of sunnier days forecast to come.

The only species that really underwent a development recently was the onion: The seeds I had put in the soil in late August have sprouted and one onion that had given up growth (and dried out) during the summer has started a comeback. I would have never thought that growing onions on a balcony could be so rewarding. And so easy at the same time. If everything works out like it did this year, I should be able to harvest the onions from these sprouts in early summer next year.

Fall on the balcony


Autumn came early this year and it came at full power. For the past few weeks, temperatures hardly climbed above 10 degrees Celsius during the day and some regions in Germany already got the first snow of the season. It is therefore no surprise that the plant that had enjoyed the hot summer the most, namely the pomegranate, was the first to put on its fall outfit. Read the rest of this entry »

Ideal and reality


Last weekend, I was in Dublin and admired all the rich green leaves and colorful flowers that were still in full bloom in the city. I also paid a visit to Dublin’s old fruit and vegetable market and took pictures of the reliefs ornamenting the building. Meanwhile, the tomatoes and potatoes had ripened on the balcony. So after my return home, I brought ornamental ideals and small-scale gardening reality together. These are the results.



If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably already noticed that despite my admiration for blossoms, I mostly grow plants that yield fruit at the end of the season. The one exception is my orchid, which I got as a present a couple of years ago. Read the rest of this entry »



Hardly anything whispers ‘harvest time’ more loudly than a basket of grapes. (Obviously, they come from a garden, not the balcony, and were turned into excellent juice this morning.)

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