🎃 or: growing (a mini) squash on a (tiny) balcony

by balconydresser


I’ve already said that I was super excited about growing squash on my French balcony – and highly doubtful about the results. So, here they are: one mini squash, not much bigger than my palm. But then again the whole process worked out at all, which is something that neither myself nor my environment had really believed in.

In case you want to try this on your own, here’s the how-to: I started the seeds indoors in spring from which I got two plants that I took outside in early summer when they had already developed several leaves. Over the winter, I had prepared the pot (with a diameter of 18 cm and a height of 16 cm, so still rather small) by adding compost (from last year’s balcony seaon) and some discarded tea leaves to the soil.

After moving outside, the squash took quite long to adapt and grow its first flowers, so I would probably move them out earlier next time. In any case, don’t forget to water them regularly as the leaves are rather big. Once one of the plants had grown its first female flower, this quickly developed into a fruit. Since the vines then started growing out of the pot to rest the fruit on the floor of the balcony, I constructed some sort of stair (by putting a thin wooden board on a smaller pot as you can see on the picture below) to ease its way down. This plant then concentrated on maturing this one squash. And I must say, it did its job superbly.