No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Month: April, 2016

Nice surprise

rosemary flower_1

rosemary flower_2



rosemary flower_3




rosemary flower_4

Sometimes my plants surprise me by doing something unexpected, i.e. something that I (literally) had not seen coming. Just like this rosemary that produced a series of small lilac flowers during the last ten days or so. To say ‘Thank you, Rosemary!, here are the flowers in the order of their appearance.


Bottled clippings

bottled clippings (1)

Here are some more photos from our trip to Mexico that I wanted to share with you. I just loved the idea of filling these colored glass bottles with leafy clippings instead of flowers. And even though some of the petioles started to root, they added a nice little freshness to our hotel room and breakfast table. Read the rest of this entry »

Coming out

coming out_1

coming out_2

coming out_3

coming out_4


Over the last 24 hours, the first squash plant came out. (Documentation of the changing light on our kitchen window sill included.)

Bright spring green!

fresh spring green 2For sure, the bright green colors of spring deserve a post! So, here it is, showing a still life of herbs with their freshly grown leaves. Soon enough they will put on their verdurous dresses again… Read the rest of this entry »

Start of the season

spring green_2

This week marks the start of this year’s balcony season. The plants that overwintered inside the house were moved outside and those, which had been outside all winter long, stepped up a gear. Read the rest of this entry »

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