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Month: May, 2016

Ladybug to the rescue

ladybug_3005I didn’t mean to publish two insect posts in a row, but I am so glad this ladybug landed on my balcony that I had to take a picture. I am glad because several plants had been suffering from aphids lately and although I tried to kill some of them manually, this ladybug will do a much better job. I feel justified in hoping that the bug might stay a little longer, since I have already seen it around yesterday and despite last night’s rain, it is still around today. So bon appétit, ladybug!


Hey there!


What I initially thought was a dry leaf turned out to be a bug, taking a look around my balcony in the sunlight. I am not very good at classifying insects, but this might be a coreus marginatus (please correct me if you like). Read the rest of this entry »

Field salad experiment


Late last winter I took one mâche plant and put it into the soil in a deserted pot on the balcony and not in the salad bowl with the other leaves. Ever since, it has grown through the balcony railings and developed the prettiest tiny flowers. Read the rest of this entry »

Out now

acorn squash_1105

I’ve moved the two squash plants into their big pot on the balcony this week (although it admittedly already appears small in comparison to the squash leaves). The pot is filled with new soil and compost, hopefully giving them the ressources they need to grow. If one looks closely, one can spot flowers developing already. So fingers crossed that this year again the squashes will yield fruits.

Mother bird

Gartenrotschwanz (4)

This female redstart was supposed to hatch the eggs in the nest next to her – and she usually did just that. But sometimes she preferred to climb out and look at us down in the garden. Read the rest of this entry »

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