New this year: mustard and parsnips

by balconydresser


Apart from the field salad project already mentioned, there are two other plant species that I am growing for the first time this season. The first, which started flowering this morning, is mustard. While I was making rhubarb chutney in late April, I threw some mustard seeds not only in the sauce pan but also in a flower pot on the balcony. Looking at the plant now, it seems to have worked so far.


What I secondly added to the collection are parsnips (shown on the above photo). Their seeds are store-bought, sowed out about two months ago and now taking up pace in the development. They don’t seem to have thickening roots yet, but maybe they need leaves first.

Overall, the last weeks were not ideal for balcony gardening: We’ve had lots of rain lately (causing severe inondations in other parts of the country), which damaged several plants and created an ideal climate for insects to grow. This is also why I have not been blogging as much as usual – I was far more worried than excited.