1 plant, 3 settings

by balconydresser

1outof3_5I don’t usually consider my plants a type of decoration for my apartment. Instead, I guess, I have more nuanced kinds of relationships with my plants. Some plants are food or spices, of course,  but I don’t simply care for them in order to harvest eventually. Then there are other plants that don’t really serve a purpose, but which I love all the same. This jade plant, for instance, is a holiday souvenir – I had brought home a clipping from Spain a couple of years ago and ever since it grows (reluctantly sometimes) in our appartment.The way you see it above in its red pot is how it is dressed during the winter when it resides inside the house on the kitchen window sill. I know that jade plant is not exactly happy during these months, but the German winter is just too cold to leave it outside. Summers, however, are fine and this season is welcomed with the development of new leaves in its balcony spot overlooking our street:


What is more, its sleek looks also make it a perfect candidate for design experiments if needed. Here I matched it with a box from Anne-Mie Van Kerckhovens flower carpet art project, which covered Grote Mart in Antwerpen last year.


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