Some very hungry caterpillars

by balconydresser


My balcony and in particular the mustard has been invaded by caterpillars lately. And I have to say they did a very good job in (almost) killing the plant. There were at least 15 of them and their talent to make themselves almost invisible can be seen in the fact that my automatic camera does not really get them into focus. So the shot above is the best I could do on the balcony.

caterpillar_1They are better visible, however, when they are away from their disguise. Like this one which grabbed onto my hair while I was inspecting the reason for the big holes in the leaves. I have to admit that I killed large parts of the caterpillar population, although I would be curious to see them pupate on the balcony once.

So what I’ve written about caterpillars wo years ago remains unfortunately true: They have no natural enemies on the balcony as long as the only birds inhabiting our street are crows or pigeons that prefer eating bits of pizza, pretzels or hamburgers off the sidewalk.