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Month: August, 2016

Garden vs. balcony

acorn squash_1

Sometimes balcony gardening can be frustrating, especially when you see how well the exactly same plant grows in a different environment aka in a garden. Probably one of the plants where the difference is biggest is any type of squash with its need for fertile soil and ample space. So I shouldn’t be too frustrated about my poor results in growing squash this summer (also due to heavy downpours throughout) and instead should be looking forward to all the winter squashes that sprout on the plant in my mother’s garden. Even more so, since its seeds germinated on my window sill first. Read the rest of this entry »


Italian balconies


When I travelled through Italy during the past two weeks, naturally I couldn’t resist taking pictures of balconies lining old town streets and squares. There were oh so many lovely ones in equally pretty buildings (that are at least one century old) looking down on ice-eating tourists, markets or simply pigeons in calm moments. So here is a collection of the many varieties there were.

Back home mustard harvest


I am back home from our holiday and Italy – and after those wonderful days under the southern sun, I really want summer to last a little longer. Still, the mustard harvest that waited for me on my return reminds me that fall is not far away. Pictured above are the dry seedy pods. In a next step, I will take out the seeds and maybe make a tiny little jar (or two spoons) of my own mustard. We will see.



I am currently in central Italy, with beautiful landscapes and flowering balconies, but also with a very bad wifi connection. So I am only posting this one almost metaphorical picture of succulents squeezed into a dark hole in a house wall in a narrow street. And although these succulents remind us that plants can grow almost everywhere, even they cannot survive without at least some drops of water.

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