No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Month: September, 2016

Autumn crocuses

autumn_crocus_2Yesterday’s hike took us through meadows brimming with autumn crocuses. It is so nice to think that the growing season starts and ends with the same type of plant. Also it’s great to be reminded that fall is a season with lots of fresh crops and of flowers. Read the rest of this entry »


The chili pepper today

chili_2109Today’s temperatures might speak of autumn approaching, but this chili pepper still says summer. Nice gesture.

Storing seeds

storingseeds_1Fall is not only the season for harvesting crops, but also for gathering seeds, which then need to be stored until the beginning of next season (or even longer sometimes). When it comes to storing seeds, you want to make sure they stay dry and germinable as long as possible. If you have ample space and a garden shed, this task might be more easily accomplished than in a big-city apartment. Still, as an apartment dweller myself, I can confirm that the following way works out fine and is neither cost-intensive nor time-consuming. So here’s the how-to.

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Finally – yet too late?

chili flower_0209I grew this chili pepper plant from seeds this year, but then had to see it suffer from bugs for most of spring and early summer. It recovered and started growing more quickly after the bugs were gone and today it has opened its first flower. Still, I am afraid that even with a sunny September this is a little late, but then again late is better than never and there is always the possibility to continue the ripening process indoors.

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