Holiday souvenirs

by balconydresser

agave_1Taking plants home as holiday souvenirs is both tempting and tricky. It is tempting because when travelling, I often see plants that we either do not have in our region or that are simply so beautiful that I would love to put them into my bag. Then again, I am reminded that, first, there are strict legal limits to doing this, and secondly, you might end up killing a plant by taking it out of it natural habitat (let alone the risk of importing bugs or deseases that you seriously don’t want to start spreading).


But sometimes it works, too. This succulent (agave, aloe?) is indeed a souvenir from a vacation in Italy and it grows quite well outdoors in summer and indoors during other times. The pot, in which it grows, also is a holiday souvenir. I got it in Mexico and was happy to see that the plant fitted inside.

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