New addition

by balconydresser


More than once, I declared that I am primarily growing edible plants on my balcony. Well, that aim remains, but this time I couldn’t resist adding a non-edible plant to the collection. This sedum is originally from my mother’s garden and I had taken the clipping to put it in a vase on our dining table. There it remained fresh and pretty for about three weeks without even showing the tiniest sign of withering. Instead, it showed its intention to grow further – by developing roots.

When a quick internet search confirmed that fall is a good time to plant sedums outside, I did exactly that. So far it is sharing a pot with two parsnips that I still need to harvest, but it should get more space soon. And maybe late summer next year, I will cut a flower from my own plant.

So all that remains to say is: welcome, sedum! Make yourself at home!