No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Month: December, 2016

Hope for the new year

yearendsurpriseWhen I came back home after the Christmas days, this mustard plant surprised me with a flower. It has sprouted from seeds that had fallen off the mustard plants last summer and does not mind the temperatures below zero (Celsius) that we are having these days. If flowers mean hope, an unexpected flower at this time of the year might mean hope for the months to come. 2016 was a tough year in many ways, so here is to a bright, joy- and peaceful new year 2017!


Unequal couple

unequal couple_1.jpg

Some plants offer the joy of harvest even during these cold and dark winter days. Indeed, I collected two very different fruits lately – a chili pepper that has ripened indoors and a parsnip that was about to grow new green leaves out on the balcony.

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