No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Month: February, 2017

Very last harvest

parsnips_2502Spring is nearing and the first sprouts tell us about it. Before new plants can take over my balcony, however, I had to dig out the remaining harvest from last year, that is some more parsnips. They had been well-conserved in the soil during the winter months and even the long freeze-up did not do them any harm. And what a pleasure it is to enjoy some fresh homegrown vegetables in February!

PS: Growing parsnips even on my tiny balcony has been so rewarding, I will definitely sow them out againt his year.



dialogueThe bird is real, but doesn’t it look as if a book-holding angel was trying to talk to him? (Photo snapped on a winter morning this week, still waiting for balcony weather.)

Paris balconies



It’s not long until the first sprouts of spring will become visible and the first seeds will germinate indoors. In the meantime, let’s enjoy these anticipation-filled winter days a little longer and dream of blooming balconies such as these ones from Paris last June.

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