No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Month: May, 2017

Wednesday flowers


One old-fashioned baking book I remember from my mother’s kitchen has a category of sweet baked goods labelled ‘Wednesday cakes’. Those are cakes that take little effort and are much easier to make than whatever the good housewife is supposed to serve on a Sunday coffee table. Maybe there is the category of Wednesday flower bouquets, too. Plain and simple flowers in a tiny glass-turned-vase that will cheer you up in the middle of the week. I’d thankfully take them every day.


Mustard must start

mustard_2705The mustard grew very tall during the last couple of days and today it started to bloom. It is the first of my balcony plants blooming this year and the flowers clearly deserve a photo and a post. It will not be the last one, tho.

Lavender field


Last autumn, I have emptied the lavender bags, which I keep in my wardrobe for their lovely scent, and replaced the lavender flowers from the year before with fresh ones. Some of the discarded flowers did not go to the garbage, but straight in the flower pots on the balcony for composting reasons. Now it turns out the flowers were still full of seeds that have sprouted this spring covering more than half of the pot. I will have to pull out some of the many lavender plants, but I will definitely keep some, too.

Balconies of Nafplio

balcony_nafplio_1balcony_nafplio_3balcony_nafplio_2balcony_nafplio_4 Elsewhere I have already written that I was lucky enough to spend my Easter holiday in Greece – and what a paradise it was for balcony lovers! Here is a collection from the Peloponnesian town of Nafplio.

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