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Balconies to the rescue

totherescue (2)These are the days where rescue comes from balconies, gardens and parks (to the degree that we are allowed to use the latter at least). While health systems and economies stumble, it is uplifting and somewhat reassuring to see that at least nature thrives and blossoms at the beginning of gardening season. Anyway, I feel that I am even more compelled to get the seeding started this year and to take extra care of my green flatmates.

Grow wherever you are

GrowthPlants grow even if they are stuck in the unlikeliest place like these agaves on a stone wall with very little water – I guess these are the days where we can learn from them to do exactly that.


Chili pepper sprouting

chili sprouts_200307Today’s sunshine felt like spring could return eventually. And these chili sprouts seem to know this, too. I have sown them out about ten days ago in a mini greenhouse and now I can literally watch them grow.

I might not keep all of the plants (at least not for myself), but I hope that I will be able to harvest some chili peppers at the end of summer. Here’s to the beginning of it all!

Late snow

snowThe snow came late this year and when it came it was wet and heavy. But I take it gladly if only to avoid another week of rain…

No snow, snowdrops

snowdropsThis was an unusally mild winter and so far we did not get any snow. Worse even, if it came now it would probably be rather bad for all the green leaves that are already out. Therefore, I am enjoying other kinds of snow drops that can even be taken inside without melting. By the way, this bundle of snow drops is what came out of the green sprouts from a couple weeks back.

First times: first flower ever

firstflowerever (2)_This succulent (and I unfortunately don’t know its proper name) is a holiday souvenir from Italy. A small clipping traveled back home with me after a lovely summer vacation in 2016. Ever since it has rooted and grown but I had to wait until the turn of the decade till it started to bloom. Story filed under: small things that make gardeners happy in winter.

Greens for the new year

winter greenIt is a more recent recognition that winter is not a dead season plantwise speaking. Maybe I have grown the wrong plants on my balcony for long, but in the past years, I have come to realize that there is so much to discover in flower pots, beds or parks even in winter. This winter is particularly warm here in Germany (and maybe climate change contributes its fair share), so the signs of a continuous circle of life are abundant.

With this thought I wish you all a very belated happy new year and hope that whatever you are growing (be it plants, ideas, babys, projects…) will flourish and blossom!

Crane migration

cranes_oct 2019Migrating cranes are a sure sign that fall comes to a close and colder days are approaching. But what an impressive sign they are! Seeing them leave for warmer regions makes me both awed and sad at the same time and I can’t but wish them safe travels and a quick return!

Cornelian cherry jam

I went to the park, collected cornelian cherries (the bushes are overflowing this year) and, back home, turned them into marmelade. Simple end-of-summer delight! How was this done? Read the rest of this entry »

Still in bloom

sedum and catnipIt’s a chilly morning, but the sun’s out and sedum and catnip are still in bloom, so there’s nothing to complain about. Although the sedum contradicts my inention to grow edible plants, it’s just so nice to have bold flowers in Septemer – and flowers even that last long in a vase, too.

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