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Whithered chives

The chive flowers have whithered – and spilled some seeds. More plants next year, please, they seem to say.


One humble bumblebee

bumblebee0719There are only few bees or bumblebees and even wasps around this year and I start to understand why environmentalists are campaigning for improving the insects’ environment. However small a contribution my balcony can be, I hope it is one at least.

I took this picture on the rare occasion when I saw one bumblebee paying a visit to the lavender. Because of the bars and the cars, it was hard to find a good angle, so please excuse the darkness.

5 years!

pink bean (1) I can’t believe it’s been five years already since I started this blog. When I published my first post, I had no idea where I was heading and why I was doing it, except for my love of plants and green balconies. To be honest, this hasn’t changed so much and I am happy to note that my love of plants and green balconies is still going strong. Read the rest of this entry »

Melting pot

melting potWhen I started gardening, each plant orderly occupied one pot. Now, many years later, several pots are shared by different plants – mostly because plants started to self-seed themselves.

Here is a tiny hortensia deliberately grown from a cutting that shares its pot with lavender and arugula – both self-seeded and grown unintentionally. The arugula, of course, was a very nice surprise and I should probably give it more space so it can make for a salad (it tastes good in any case; I have already tried…). Turns out that sometimes it is good to wait until plants are grown big enough to see what one’s got.

Update on the dragon fruit

dragon fruit_2306While the summer heat has the city in its sweaty grip, I felt like posting an update on the dragon fruit sprouts – one of few plants truly enjoying the sun and the temperatures so far.  They are about three months old now and the cactus shape is easily recognizable (although they are still tiny, ca. 1.5 cm in total).

Lavender between bars

lavender starts bloomingThe lavender, too, started to bloom and it makes me look forward to the coming days with a balcony filled with purple flowers.

As I’ve mentioned before, the lavender grew from seeds although I had not intended it do so. Two years ago, I discarded some old lavender blossoms into my flower pots and the year after I had a host of lavender plants. I gave away many of them, but still have two pots full. So if you like the scent and colour of lavender, hardly anything is easier and more rewarding than growing this plant even in the city.

Time for flowers

Even plants that are not grown for the sake of their beauty (but, as in my case usually, for the sake of their taste), produce pretty flowers. So here is a selection of mustard, chives, sage and thyme all in full bloom on the balcony right now.


Very urban gardening

One block from our apartment (and hence our balcony), someone taped these plant containers around a traffic light post. To me they demonstrate that dandelions clearly are so common in cities that they blend into the urban infrastructure even in this spot. More generally, it shows that plants need so little to grow and bloom.


cactusThis is a tiny (maybe 2 cm in height) cactus that I got about two years ago (I honestly cannot remember where it is from) and that has rooted and grown since. This spring, it got a new pot, more soil – and (its size notwithstanding) started growing a baby cactus itself.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter and a hopefully sunny weekend to all with a focus on plants – and eggs, of course!

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