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A green facade outgrowing the balcony


With so much green growing on the facade, what do you need a balcony for? In fact, I am not sure how this building is being used, but if you want to check for yourself, you may find it in Abbazia di Novacella in South Tyrol.


Balconies of Vicenza

Vicenza is in many ways a very decorative and ornate town – and this sense of style is also visible on its balconies. So here is a pretty foursome from the last stop on my Italian summer tour.

Three balconies and one window, Perugia

A tour of the Umbrian town of Perugia brought very different balconies and a plant-filled window, which I loved for the chili peppers. I like this quartet because it shows how varied both the balcony architecture and the plants grown on them can be. And still all of them look so quintessentially Italian.

Balconies of Spello, Umbria

My Italy tour continues further South in the small Umbrian town of Spello. Spello is well-known for its Roman gates and Romanesque churches, but who would have thought that the town is also plant-crazy? Apparently, there is a local competition for the prettiest balcony or stoops and the town itself has won a silver medal in a European competition of the “Entente Florale”. So definitely a place to go for balcony lovers.

Balconies of Mantua

I am in Italy for my summer vacation and while it’s definitely hot in this country, the balconies are definitely pretty. So here is a foursome of Mantuan balconies, Mantua being a city with rather many green balconies (and many other things to see and visit). Notice the bottles upside down on the fifrst balcony – one way of fighting the heat (and the owner’s absence).


Blackberries.JPGWhat’s great about my workplace is that there are many blackberry bushes nearby. So yesterday I spent my lunch break collecting a full box of sparkling purple-blackish berries and turned them into jam in the evening.

Flowerful windows


flowerfulwindow_1With windows like these who needs garden or balcony? Read the rest of this entry »

Travelling (with) plants

travelling plants (1)

I might call myself an expert when it comes to moving plants around by train. Potted plants are best carried in their pots and paper bags; for cut flowers and plants a travel mug is ideal. Here the lid can be removed and there is a small opening for the stems.

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In full bloom

in full bloom (1)My plants are still suffering from the construction works and currently in particular from lots of rain water pouring off the roof due to lacking drainpipes. So they are dirty, small and not exactly presentable. Plant beauty is to be found elsewhere – like with this blooming bush for example. Click for another picture.

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Blooming chives, inside

chives_flowers_vaseThe blooming chives are still the biggest excitement on my empty balcony, which got hit by falling pieces of roof tiles lately (in other words: the construction works still continue). So I tend to enjoy plants inside the apartment a little more this spring – and I decided to cut the chives for this little arrangement.

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