No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

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Amazed by all the flowers in my mother’s garden and so glad I can spend the long and sunny weekend there.


Ice Saints

snow balls

We are just going through the days of what we refer to as the Ice Saints in central Europe. The term refers to the period from 11th to 15th of May where purportedly night frosts are once again possible. Traditional wisdom therefore has it that plants, which are not frost-resistant, should only be moved outside after the feast day of the last Ice Saint, Saint Sophia.

This year, however, I rather wanted to beg the saints for ice cream while temperatures reached 30 degrees Celsius. And yet we do have snow balls like those beautiful ones in a nearby front garden.

Happy Easter!


Wishing you happy Easter (with what is clearly a non-balcony picture)!

Hylotelephium and hydrangea


Throwing you back this Thursday to a time when flowers and sunshine were abundant. A little more than one week to go and days start to get longer again (at least here in the Northern hemisphere)…


pear tree_1

I do not grow fruit (yet) on the balcony. Mostly, because that would require trees for which the space is too small. But one may dream, of course.

For all the dreamers, I will start a new series in which I intend to publish photos of inspiring gardens and balconies. Let’s begin with this photo of a pear tree that I took during a short stay in Saxony last weekend. In fact, I am not sure whether it’s the pears or the bench that makes this garden more inviting.

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