No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

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In full bloom

in full bloom (1)My plants are still suffering from the construction works and currently in particular from lots of rain water pouring off the roof due to lacking drainpipes. So they are dirty, small and not exactly presentable. Plant beauty is to be found elsewhere – like with this blooming bush for example. Click for another picture.

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Snow, dropping

frost_3frost_1frost_2snowdropsThis past week, it was freezing day and night, literally. Still, it is no news that there is beauty in everything and the frost was no exception.



sedum_frosted (2)_1The first frost came and left everything sugar-coated. Is this season so pretty because it’s got the finiteness written all over it?

Approaching ripeness

cuoredibue_1tomatoes_2cuoredibue_3cuoredibue_4That which was seeds at the beginning of spring is a ripe delicious fruit at the beginning of fall. But when I look through the photos of the tomatoes’ ripening process I have to admit that most of the excitement takes place along the way.

Jealousy about food?

foodjealousyI am not sure whether the pollinators are actually competing for food these days of summer flowers, but what I am pretty certain of is that broken petals do not prevent them from stopping by.

Garden vs. balcony

acorn squash_1

Sometimes balcony gardening can be frustrating, especially when you see how well the exactly same plant grows in a different environment aka in a garden. Probably one of the plants where the difference is biggest is any type of squash with its need for fertile soil and ample space. So I shouldn’t be too frustrated about my poor results in growing squash this summer (also due to heavy downpours throughout) and instead should be looking forward to all the winter squashes that sprout on the plant in my mother’s garden. Even more so, since its seeds germinated on my window sill first. Read the rest of this entry »

Mother bird

Gartenrotschwanz (4)

This female redstart was supposed to hatch the eggs in the nest next to her – and she usually did just that. But sometimes she preferred to climb out and look at us down in the garden. Read the rest of this entry »



Hardly anything whispers ‘harvest time’ more loudly than a basket of grapes. (Obviously, they come from a garden, not the balcony, and were turned into excellent juice this morning.)

Summer gardens are just the best


A balcony is great, but there is nothing like a summer garden in full bloom.

Summer, halftime


It is hard to admit, but we are already half-way through summer. For the gardener, it is thus time to take stock and plan ahead. As I have said before, this summer has been especially sunny here in Germany, prompting some plants to develop more leaves or fruits than ever. Others, to put it mildly, did not really take advantage of the sunlight and warmth. Among them is the chili pepper that, for the first time in four years, did not produce any flowers let alone fruits. Also the squash performed, quite expectedly, rather badly. Still, I have not given up hope and I have backed up things by sowing a couple more seeds, among them radishes, which are normally fail-safe. More about their performance soon on these pages. Meanwhile, enjoy the sun while it is still around!

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