No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

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Wednesday flowers, pink edition

tinypinkbouquetI couldn’t resist collecting another handful of field flowers for our kitchen table this week. I mean, just look at the color!

My humble thoughts on Wednesday flowers can be found here.


Urban plant still life

urbanplantstilllifeSpring has arrived – tentatively, but percebtible. Still, you have to look closely to find its traces in the city streets. This little flower is one of them, sheltered by a house wall, surounded by the snow’s gravel and the city’s garbage. And yet, it made my day.


dialogueThe bird is real, but doesn’t it look as if a book-holding angel was trying to talk to him? (Photo snapped on a winter morning this week, still waiting for balcony weather.)

Pumpkins and squashes


halloween16_3halloween16_2halloween16_1Unfortunately, I did not manage to grow any acorn squashes on the balcony this season. Regular wind and heavy rain throughout the summer months were probably not exactly what the plant wanted. But luckily other pumpkin farmers were more successful. So on the occasion of halloween, here is a small squash and pumpkin collection.

Autumn crocuses

autumn_crocus_2Yesterday’s hike took us through meadows brimming with autumn crocuses. It is so nice to think that the growing season starts and ends with the same type of plant. Also it’s great to be reminded that fall is a season with lots of fresh crops and of flowers. Read the rest of this entry »



I am currently in central Italy, with beautiful landscapes and flowering balconies, but also with a very bad wifi connection. So I am only posting this one almost metaphorical picture of succulents squeezed into a dark hole in a house wall in a narrow street. And although these succulents remind us that plants can grow almost everywhere, even they cannot survive without at least some drops of water.

Flower bike

flower bike

If you don’t have a balcony, but a spare bike, why not do this? Note, however, that an additional kickstand was added here.

Spotlight on: Mexico


mexico_4For the past ten days, I have traded the urban jungle for the actual jungle touring Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. Its plant and animal life were just amazing and I couldn’t help but post some close-up shots of the flowers around. If only my balcony plants would follow their example and grow flowers so big and colorful.

Read the rest of this entry »

Because it’s the season

Arnold Arboretum_fall

As the promised sunshine only lasted for one day and consequentely there is not much going on on the balcony lately, I’ve been flipping through my fall foliage photo collection. The one above was taken in the Arnold Arboretum in Boston which is absolutely recommended for plant lovers.

Ideal and reality


Last weekend, I was in Dublin and admired all the rich green leaves and colorful flowers that were still in full bloom in the city. I also paid a visit to Dublin’s old fruit and vegetable market and took pictures of the reliefs ornamenting the building. Meanwhile, the tomatoes and potatoes had ripened on the balcony. So after my return home, I brought ornamental ideals and small-scale gardening reality together. These are the results.

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