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Travelling (with) plants

travelling plants (1)

I might call myself an expert when it comes to moving plants around by train. Potted plants are best carried in their pots and paper bags; for cut flowers and plants a travel mug is ideal. Here the lid can be removed and there is a small opening for the stems.

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Balconies of Nafplio

balcony_nafplio_1balcony_nafplio_3balcony_nafplio_2balcony_nafplio_4 Elsewhere I have already written that I was lucky enough to spend my Easter holiday in Greece – and what a paradise it was for balcony lovers! Here is a collection from the Peloponnesian town of Nafplio.

Paris balconies



It’s not long until the first sprouts of spring will become visible and the first seeds will germinate indoors. In the meantime, let’s enjoy these anticipation-filled winter days a little longer and dream of blooming balconies such as these ones from Paris last June.

Pumpkins and squashes


halloween16_3halloween16_2halloween16_1Unfortunately, I did not manage to grow any acorn squashes on the balcony this season. Regular wind and heavy rain throughout the summer months were probably not exactly what the plant wanted. But luckily other pumpkin farmers were more successful. So on the occasion of halloween, here is a small squash and pumpkin collection.

Holiday souvenirs

agave_1Taking plants home as holiday souvenirs is both tempting and tricky. It is tempting because when travelling, I often see plants that we either do not have in our region or that are simply so beautiful that I would love to put them into my bag. Then again, I am reminded that, first, there are strict legal limits to doing this, and secondly, you might end up killing a plant by taking it out of it natural habitat (let alone the risk of importing bugs or deseases that you seriously don’t want to start spreading). Read the rest of this entry »

Italian balconies


When I travelled through Italy during the past two weeks, naturally I couldn’t resist taking pictures of balconies lining old town streets and squares. There were oh so many lovely ones in equally pretty buildings (that are at least one century old) looking down on ice-eating tourists, markets or simply pigeons in calm moments. So here is a collection of the many varieties there were.

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