No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

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Grow your plants wherever you can…

It was my New Year’s resolution to keep growing plants wherever possible and underlined my conviction that no space is too small to enjoy green leaves and flowers at least sometimes. Now, it appears that space is enough… and I couldn’t resist posting the news. See here.


“In seed-time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy!” (William Blake)


There are some days left to simply enjoy what last year’s harvest has gifted us with. But soon enough it is time to plan the gardening season that lies ahead!

New year, new experiment


The balcony is too small to have a compost there. But if I had a compost, I would put in my daily coffee grounds. So I decided to see whether I can reuse the coffee filter even without composting it first.

I cut out a piece of a used coffee filter roughly to the size of a saucer. Parts of it were still sprinkled with coffee grounds. I then put garden cress seeds on it and watered the whole thing carefully.

If the cress develops that would not only mean fresh green edible leaves in winter, but also having grown them from what is actually garbage. Admittedly, garden cress is usually rather undemanding, but I am not sure whether the low ph value of the coffee works for the cress. If you think using old coffee filters is too disgusting, you can also grow cress on a piece of paper towel.

Updates on how the experiment works are to follow.

2014, 20…


The balcony is covered in snow for the turn of the year, making it as blank and undescribed as 2015 is as yet. All the more, I am looking forward to the green leaves and stories that will sprout from it in the coming season. Happy new year to all!

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