No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

Mustard must start

mustard_2705The mustard grew very tall during the last couple of days and today it started to bloom. It is the first of my balcony plants blooming this year and the flowers clearly deserve a photo and a post. It will not be the last one, tho.

Lavender field


Last autumn, I have emptied the lavender bags, which I keep in my wardrobe for their lovely scent, and replaced the lavender flowers from the year before with fresh ones. Some of the discarded flowers did not go to the garbage, but straight in the flower pots on the balcony for composting reasons. Now it turns out the flowers were still full of seeds that have sprouted this spring covering more than half of the pot. I will have to pull out some of the many lavender plants, but I will definitely keep some, too.

Balconies of Nafplio

balcony_nafplio_1balcony_nafplio_3balcony_nafplio_2balcony_nafplio_4 Elsewhere I have already written that I was lucky enough to spend my Easter holiday in Greece – and what a paradise it was for balcony lovers! Here is a collection from the Peloponnesian town of Nafplio.

Old friends, new start

new beginningsAfter yet another week of winter, I hope that spring is finally back for good.

In fact, each year I worry whether my plants will make it through the cold weeks of winter, some of which were particularly hard this year with temperatures way below 0 degrees Celsius. Read the rest of this entry »

Earth Day thoughts

earthdayI have already been marching for science today, so at least a little blog post on Earth Day is warranted. It goes without saying that we have just this one earth and that it needs our protection and care. The fact that it rewards us with everything we need, that it is in fact our basis of life should make it even easier to take steps.

The picture above was taken during our holiday in Greece and this picturesque ensemble of plants is such a good example of how little (in terms of space, soil and even water) it needs to sustain life and beauty. So let’s grow further.

Greek butterfly

butterfly_Greece_2We came to Greece for our Easter holidays and are lucky enough to have a hotel room with a balcony. Read the rest of this entry »

Urban plant still life

urbanplantstilllifeSpring has arrived – tentatively, but percebtible. Still, you have to look closely to find its traces in the city streets. This little flower is one of them, sheltered by a house wall, surounded by the snow’s gravel and the city’s garbage. And yet, it made my day.

Come up!

chilipepper2003Just in time for spring, this tiny chili pepper made it through the soil. Now, all we need is a lot more sunshine (and the weather forecast looks promising, indeed)!

Hello, first signs of spring!

soon_soonIt would be too early to celebrate the arrival of spring, but the first green leaves in my flower pots assure me that spring will arrive eventually. These fleshy leaves are from the sedum that is a newcomer to the balcony and will experience its first spring here. So far I am glad it made it through the winter and I am curious to see what is going to happen.

Very last harvest

parsnips_2502Spring is nearing and the first sprouts tell us about it. Before new plants can take over my balcony, however, I had to dig out the remaining harvest from last year, that is some more parsnips. They had been well-conserved in the soil during the winter months and even the long freeze-up did not do them any harm. And what a pleasure it is to enjoy some fresh homegrown vegetables in February!

PS: Growing parsnips even on my tiny balcony has been so rewarding, I will definitely sow them out againt his year.

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