No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

First chili pepper flower

firstchilipepperflower2017When I came home after a long week of work, the chili pepper greeted me with its first flower of the season. Happy weekend!


Back in the pumpkin business

squash_0107Okay, I admit it: I couldn’t resist planting squash seeds again this year. It’s Hokkaido squash this time and probably already a little late, but then again, there is nothing to lose. So far, the squash plants share the pot with the mustard (that I have been talking about already), but not long and the mustard is ready to harvest so that the squashes will be on their own.

The lavender’s summer

lavender1806The lavender made this summer its very own. Although I have displanted several lavender sprouts, the remaining ones fill almost two pots and just keep growing. The sun seems to suit them perfectly, so maybe there will be flowers already in their first year.

Flowers and seeds

mustard_1506 (1)The mustard plant keeps producing more and more flowers in this week’s sunshine, thereby attracting my attention and the attention of various pollinators.  Read the rest of this entry »

The sedum today

fetthenne_1006This is the sedum’s first summer on my balcony and it has already gained an impressive size (especially in comparison to most of the other plants around). I am already looking forward to its flowers later this season, but right now the lavender flowers are on (and have sneaked into the picture).

Wednesday flowers, pink edition

tinypinkbouquetI couldn’t resist collecting another handful of field flowers for our kitchen table this week. I mean, just look at the color!

My humble thoughts on Wednesday flowers can be found here.

The mustard one week later…

mustard_0306_2And one sunny week later the mustard plant looks like this. To say that it has outgrown the balcony would be an understatement.

Wednesday flowers


One old-fashioned baking book I remember from my mother’s kitchen has a category of sweet baked goods labelled ‘Wednesday cakes’. Those are cakes that take little effort and are much easier to make than whatever the good housewife is supposed to serve on a Sunday coffee table. Maybe there is the category of Wednesday flower bouquets, too. Plain and simple flowers in a tiny glass-turned-vase that will cheer you up in the middle of the week. I’d thankfully take them every day.

Mustard must start

mustard_2705The mustard grew very tall during the last couple of days and today it started to bloom. It is the first of my balcony plants blooming this year and the flowers clearly deserve a photo and a post. It will not be the last one, tho.

Lavender field


Last autumn, I have emptied the lavender bags, which I keep in my wardrobe for their lovely scent, and replaced the lavender flowers from the year before with fresh ones. Some of the discarded flowers did not go to the garbage, but straight in the flower pots on the balcony for composting reasons. Now it turns out the flowers were still full of seeds that have sprouted this spring covering more than half of the pot. I will have to pull out some of the many lavender plants, but I will definitely keep some, too.

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