No space is too small to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown somethings sometimes.

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Time for flowers

Even plants that are not grown for the sake of their beauty (but, as in my case usually, for the sake of their taste), produce pretty flowers. So here is a selection of mustard, chives, sage and thyme all in full bloom on the balcony right now.


Time to wrap it up, folks!

wrap-it-up_2.jpgWe had the first night frost of the season and – not too soon – I packed my Mediterranean plants in bubble wrap. Like last winter I want to leave them outside as long as possible, but this extra protection is definitely needed.

Also when I looked at this photo on my computer, I was struck by how chilly it looks with the blueish-grey colors (no filter there).

Travelling (with) plants

travelling plants (1)

I might call myself an expert when it comes to moving plants around by train. Potted plants are best carried in their pots and paper bags; for cut flowers and plants a travel mug is ideal. Here the lid can be removed and there is a small opening for the stems.

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The sky is blue, but we got a scaffolding around our house for some roof work lasting at least two months. I had to empty my balcony and exile my plants either on befriended balconies or inside the apartment. Some plants of the second group are out on the scaffolding now for the work-free weekend. I am actually quite worried about the situation, in particular since this is the beginning of planting season, but, obviously, as a tenant, there is nothing I can do.

Despite this unideal situation I will try to both keep growing edible plants at home and keep writing about the process, but it might be a little less than usual. Fingers crossed that the building work goes without delay at least.


textbook (1)Gardening as I do it relies mostly on trying to learn what the plant likes best and then treat her that way. That does not mean, however,  that I never consult books, blogs or websites. Quite the contrary, I love browsing plants.

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Old friends, new start

new beginningsAfter yet another week of winter, I hope that spring is finally back for good.

In fact, each year I worry whether my plants will make it through the cold weeks of winter, some of which were particularly hard this year with temperatures way below 0 degrees Celsius. Read the rest of this entry »

Fresh from the oven


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are well aware that most of the plants I grow either yield fruits or are meant to flavor our dishes. It might therefore be surprising that I have no actual kitchen plants that sit on the kitchen window sill year-round. Instead, most of the plants are balcony residents and only come back inside for the winter. Read the rest of this entry »

Stack them where they belong


It’s no news to you that I usually grow plants to eat their fruits or leaves in the end. So, naturally, a plant shelfie must be taken in the kitchen. Read the rest of this entry »

Hydrangea and then some


Just a quick weekend hello with this bouquet of gatherings from my Mom’s most beautiful summer garden. Hope you are all enjoying your time some place where it’s green and flowering.

Collecting sunlight

sun bath (1)_1

I have already written about days getting shorter and sunlight hours more precious when the summer comes to an end. The balcony on which I am growing plants only gets sunlight in the morning. Therefore, I sometimes prolong the sunny period for some plants like this sage by moving them to the windowsills on the other side of the apartment which are hit by the sun when the balcony is already in the shadow.

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